What You Can’t Get Back: Chapter Eighteen


After a brief hiatus these two fools and their supporting characters are back in my mind and taking the forefront.  Thought I’d give you all a nice little Sunday suprise!

Thanks to anyone who has purchased A Cup of Complicated.  You’ve really been making my day.  I never started out writing to actually make a book, that just kind of happened.  It was the first story I’d ever completed so while I sat on it a while I finally bit the bullet and dropped it in August.  It’s surreal to actually hold Elliot and Taylor’s story in my hands, in print!  I don’t know what the future holds as far as more books but the thought is there, especially after this one and all the mistakes and issues I found after publishing.

Don’t fear though because I have plans for these two in What You Can’t Get Back, there is an end to their story.  I really struggle though trying to write more than one set of characters at a time and when Cup was released I don’t think I stopped talking/thinking/dreaming about them for a few weeks, hence the delay.


Have a great Sunday!


Chapter Eighteen