Sexy tattoo guy’s response to “I am Devotee”…

Helllloooooo and Happy Friday, the 13th…

*cues ominous, halloweeny-type music*

I jest, I jest. Hope all of you lovely people had a fantastically splendid week.

So, I’m sure that most of you guys have read my mock entry for the “I am Devotee” writing challenge. If not, please just ignore my ramblings. Anyhoo, as promised, I’ve whipped up a 2nd part to that little oneshot (or is it a twoshot now? haha) for everyone who enjoyed the 1st half. Oh, and do you remember sexy tattoo guy? *smirks* It’s from his perspective…


Apparently, I really enjoy writing from the male’s perspective for some odd reason. Am I weird? Like more than usual? Weirdly weird? LOL But yeah, please let me know your thoughts on this little bugger. I had intended for it be quite short (~1000 words) but the beast totally got away from me…sooo…I hopped on his back and rode him off into the sunset. Wow. Sleepy time. G’night.

Not all there but still faithfully yours,


P.S. – I’m contributing all of my oneshots to the PD fiction blog, just in case you’re wondering why on Earth the link redirects you there *shrugs*

P.P.S. – I hope you all will consider submitting an entry for the contest. I know I’m (tragically) long-winded, but there’s no minimum length required. So please uncork that bottled up writer inside and let the creative juices flow! And, of course, don’t hesitate to email me personally with any questions at all 🙂