AnRo: No way I’m doing THAT!

Once in awhile someone comes along and pushes all the right buttons. They make you question your resolve in a way that makes you wonder why you haven’t tried before. They push you in just the exact way you need…
“No way I’m doing that!” she said with a huff, plopping herself on the ground like a child.
“Oh come on, Rylynn, it’s not like you’re gonna die,” he said mischievously.
“You, of all people should never get to say that,” she said pointing at his chair.
“But did I die?” he tried to keep a straight face.
“Matty…” she said horrified that he’d even joke about it.
“Seriously, did I die? No, was it horrible, yes, would I wish it on anyone, nope. But, if you never try anything new Ry, you are going to be old and saying I wish I woulda…” He said, his face getting serious then.
Four pairs of eyes were covertly watching the exchange between them, waiting to get started. It wasn’t the first time they’d been here but it was hers. She was new to all of this.
New to him, to his friends, to the giant rock face, looming over her. New to having someone push her to challenge herself. Everything about him challenged her. And if she really thought about, she loved it, but this, this was asking a little much.
“I will…if you will?” she asked.
“And if I said yes?” he shot back wheeling closer to where she was sitting on the ground.
“I know you want to…but…” she answered, with a sad look on her face.
“No way I’m doing THAT!” he said laughing as he pulled her onto his lap, secretly wishing he was ready.

3 thoughts on “AnRo: No way I’m doing THAT!

  1. Very lovely! When I first read it, it seemed a short nice bit but when I read it for the second time I discovered so much underlying angst… Is it so or it is just my mood affecting on a rainy day? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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