New Author, New Story…


I am all sorts of excited to introduce a brand new author! D.J. is a fellow dev with some wicked awesome fantasies. After I read this little story she wrote, I just had to share with you guys! She has such a way with descriptions…some of the lines in there were incredible…wow…so much devvy goodness…

☛ Tangling ☚

I hope you enjoy this little gem as much as I did. And please let her know your thoughts! As always, comments and feedback are very much appreciated!!

Love y’all,



P.S. – For all of you quad lovers out there…keep your eyes and ears open…because something devlicious is coming your way soon…just saying… 🙂

24 thoughts on “New Author, New Story…

    1. Hi D!!! Yes, ma’am! I actually thought of you when D.J. told me about writing the quad story. You’re gonna love it!!!

  1. I guess my fingers better get flying… I’m truly so excited to write this quad story. Its so close to my heart! 🙂

      1. D I would love to talk to you about what you want in a quad story etc… 🙂 Even if you’d like to share more what you like about “Tangling” If you’d like to email me my address is

  2. well, i have absolutely no idea, but the para story was so hot, i stopped breathing for a sec… i have no idea how to handle a quad one if its that good 😉

    please dont make me wait for it too long D.J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i missed you a lot too, hartmann <3 since the new web thingy wants me to type in an email address and stuff again, i got lazy at writing comments again… shame on me, i'm sorry!

  4. haha D.J. i wrote my comment before seeing you just posted!!! YES, PLEASE, i LOVE quad stories!!! and i cant really find many good ones online….. any problems i can help you with? need somebody to read what you go so far? 🙂

    hartmann, at some point i will make a dev email address, just so i can get notifications from you…..

    1. LMAO!! I was just about to reply to your 2nd last comment and say that if you subscribe as a WordPress follower, then I think you can just log in and comment to your devvy heart’s desire, if I’m not mistaken…

      But yes, Miss D. You need a devvy email for sure!!! 😉

      And yes, you must comment more. I’ve missed your awesomeness!

      1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i did it…. no idea howlong before they will check the data and it will be closed, but i did it 🙂

          1. Oh, sorry, Miss D. I was being clear as mud LOL.

            If you create a account and become a follower, then you’ll have your own log in.

            If you subscribe via email, you just get notifications every time there’s a new post.

            At least you don’t have to continually check the site 😛

          2. soooo, i’ve been trying to use the very same login for 10 minutes now and right after posting here that it doesnt work anymore, it works with the same words i’ve tried forever… you ARE a magician, hartmann, arent you?

          3. Where are you? On wordpress?

            I’m have my laptop with me right now, so If you happen to have Skype, you’re welcome to find me and I’ll try to help you. My ID is Hartmann Writes.

            No pressure. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Just wanted to offer 🙂

          4. ohhh, this is getting out of hand, a different skype log in too? i just registered over at pd, havent been a member there before… i dont think i can remember all those different usernames and stuff… i would love to chat though, so at some point!!

          5. OMG! I have to shut the site off for like 20 mins or so. Send me an email if you wish. I’ll also turn on gchat, in case you use it. 🙂

  5. i’m still in the planning stages for my quad love story D. It will be more love story than erotica but there’s intimacy for sure. Its goal is more to make your heart flutter tho 🙂 the first chapter or 2 are probably most written i’m just organizing my thoughts so I have a direction. I’m very excited to share it and excited to have eager readers!

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