Locke and Key: A brand new story from Lu5

Hello everyone,

Okay, I am so crazily, scarily, insanely excited to introduce this new story by Lu5. Here’s…

Chapter One ☚

Gosh, I’ve always known that there was an amazing writer inside this pretty lady desperately clawing to get out. Miss Lesley, that sounds so darn painful. You should’ve let the beast out sooner *smirks* In all seriousness, it has been my absolute pleasure and honour to watch this little gem come to life. You have such a way with words and your creativity knows no bounds.

I hope (as in know) that you guys will all enjoy this first chapter as much as I did. And the great news? Lesley is a speed demon when it comes to writing, so you can look forward to a new update every Wednesday. Woot woot! Oh, and please take the time to leave a comment and let her know your thoughts. Ya know, so she keeps on writing more for us *claps and cheers wildly* Okay, I’m done. Enjoy.

Faithfully yours,


P.S. – A ginormous thank you to everyone who’s picked up Hart Broken. I have a little extra something for you guys, which I shall be sending out tomorrow *hugs*