DJ Elden: I wish I could see you…

I get by with a little help from my Ben…


Rhapsodee: I wish I could see you…

MyWCnMe314: I wish I could see you too…

Rhapsodee: 15 years and I’ve never looked into your eyes, I’ve never touched your face.

MyWCnMe314: Don’t you think I want those things too, ache for them

Rhapsodee: I know you do…

MyWCnMe314: We get through… you know I’m not going anywhere.

Rhapsodee: I know, of course I know.

MyWCnMe314: We get through babe, I couldn’t make it without you.

Rhapsodee: I can’t make it without you… Life isn’t life without you in it in some way.

MyWCnMe314: So we get through, we get by and I’m better for having you in my life.

Rhapsodee: I know, I’ve told you 10 years… 20… however long it takes… all worth it to spend one night in your arms.

MyWCnMe314: I long for that day too… to take your face in my hands and kiss you.

Rhapsodee: Do you play it over and over again in your head, try to imagine every perfect detail.

MyWCnMe314: You know I do… you fill in the details though. I love the way you see it the way you share it with me.

Rhapsodee: It gives me hope, It helps me on hard days to suspend my crummy reality and imagine ours…. The first day of our reality… a new life away from the bullshit of my current one.  

MyWCnMe314: We’ll get there….

Rhapsodee: I know, I see it and imagine it on hard days to hold onto the hope that someday…

MyWCnMe314: Tell me what you see.

Rhapsodee: It’s silly.

MyWCnMe314: I love your silly.

Rhapsodee: Well, I’d hope so, but it’s still silly. I’d be wearing an amazing dress, one that clings to every curve and flows and flirts with my knees. Of course, I’ll also have on insanely beautiful shoes…. But I don’t want you to see me right away.

MyWCnMe314:  Of course the shoes… I’ll be dying to see you, why don’t you want me to see you right away?

Rhapsodee: I want you to see me eventually… haha, its silly I know it’s silly but… what’s ours is so perfect here… our way and I’m so afraid in real life… well, once that bubble bursts it will be different and it could totally disrupt this perfection we share here every day.

MyWCnMe314: Babe, nothing will disrupt that meeting each other, being close to you, being able to touch you or hold you in my lap it will all be magic.

Rhapsodee: kiss I know but hear me out…

MyWCnMe314: Ok I’ll hear you out, I just hate you worrying.

Rhapsodee: I imagine walking into the restaurant or bar or wherever we decide to meet… and I imagine you at a table facing away from me.

MyWCnMe314: It’s not fair you get to look me up and down before I get to see you

Rhapsodee: Hush… kiss I’ll only see the back of you.

MyWCnMe314: I’ll be easy to spot anyways, and you are accustomed to scanning crowds for wheelchairs aren’t you 😉

Rhapsodee: I am… 😁

MyWCnMe314: finish your story babe.

Rhapsodee: So I come in and walk up behind you cover your eyes with my hands and lean down to whisper in your ear. “Kiss me, just one perfect kiss before this all becomes real, let’s share one perfect real kiss before it all changes.”

MyWCnMe314: Silly girl as if things would change…

Rhapsodee: Silly man… how can they not…

MyWCnMe314: They’ll change for the better, though. We’ll finally be together, no more screens unless we want them.

Rhapsodee: you better never ever stop texting “Good Morning Sunshine” to me! I live for that.

MyWCnMe314: Ok, ok you can always have that.

Rhapsodee: I just mean that we don’t know how reality will change us, yes optimistically it’s for the better. We can finally live and enjoy everything we’ve dreamed of, but there’s the great unknown too.

Rhapsodee: Sometimes I think it will be ok if we meet and it’s not the amazing magical thing we imagine it to be because I’ll always get to treasure this… the amazing way we helped and supported each other through so much and that will always be priceless and perfect. Kiss Thank you for being my partner, my best friend, and everything.

MyWCnMe314: Kiss Babe, I have zero doubt it would be magical.

Rhapsodee: We kind of deserve that huh…

MyWCnMe314: I would hope so… 15 years of this… of all the ups and downs and bullshit we’ve both put up with to finally be together. Of course, we deserve it and it will be perfect…

Rhapsodee: I wish I could see you…  


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