… is ENTRY 6 !!!

Congrats to an amazingly talented writer! Like, totally-blew-my-mind-to-smithereens talented!!

I’ve opened the comments up so you awesome possums can reread the entries and leave feedback on them too! I shall be reading them again over the next week and leaving my thoughts on each and every one. Again, thank you so much to everyone who submitted a story. It was my absolute pleasure to read ALL THE ENTRIES!

Again, congrats to the winner!!

Faithfully yours,


P.S. – I’ll be emailing all the writers tomorrow (later today haha!) to confirm your pen names. Big hugs!!

P.P.S. – I just realized that I was unclear with the deadline for voting. I meant up until and not including August 31st but it totally sounded like up until AND including August 31st. Heh. Oops! Sorry!!