I AM DEVOTEE by Bowlergrl

She stood there pacing and wracking her brain trying to figure why she was in this place.  She knew what she was, and knew that she had been forever.  But today was the day.  It was a hot day, so she wore a cool little tank top and the shortest pair of shorts that she owned.  It had been two months of chatting online and through Skype before this meeting occurred.  She was finally being honest with herself.  She paced at the gate, waiting for the moment of truth that was finally about to arrive.  2 months in the making, and it was finally happening.  She didn’t know if she should be nervous, excited, or just down right giddy.  The giddiness was wearing off, and she was moving to absolute nervousness.  They met online, but everything she knew about him was perfect for her.  His hazel eyes, his gorgeous smile, limp hands held straight by braces pushing his joystick to his power wheelchair.  Boy is that truly a joystick!  

The time finally came.  He neared her, slowly closing the gap.  He was dressed in a white t-shirt with a wheelchair love design on it, with dark sunglasses covering his all-telling hazel eyes.  His shorts showed his thicker than expected legs that led down to his perfectly still feet on his footplate.  His service dog followed closely next to him taking in the sights that surrounded her.  After having talked for over a month, she knew what basically to expect.  But what she saw, it was more than she could ever expect.  The day, besides miserably hot, was perfect.  They walked through the fair hand-and-hand, watching everything that was going on around them.  She held his hand as tight as she possibly could, without any reciprocation.  But there was a calm sense of relaxation about it.  She fed him an ice cream cone under the tent, giggling at the awkwardness of herself in the situation.  She giggled as she kissed off the ice cream from his goatee.  She got up and walked behind him to throw out the garbage.  From behind, she could see fusion scar on his neck that ran from below his t-shirt collar past his hair line.  She couldn’t help herself, and walked over and kissed it.  As she came back in front of him, he gently kissed her neck, and she knew what was coming next.  

They found a spot with little traffic passing through and took advantage of the lull in people.  She climbed up in his lap, being cautious of his leg bag, and they began to destroy each other.  By this time, she had both of his hand braces off, and he grabbed ahold of her face and started to slowly kiss her lips.  However, she wanted more and kept pushing further.  Finally, her tongue was down his throat and his hands were tangled in her hair.  As they continued to kiss, he slowly slid his hand up her shirt.  As she nibbled his ear, she gently whispered, “Would you like to see?” and whipped off her shirt.  His eyes grew large and his mouth fell agape at the sudden and welcomed gift he had just received.  He buried his face in her breasts, sucking on every piece of exposed skin that he could find.  However, she just continued to crave more.  Before he knew it, she had ripped off her bra and he had full access to all of her breasts.  He gently grazed his teeth across each nipple, feeling her suck in a little air each time, begging him for more.  

Finally, he dove into her nipples.  First on the right.  He dragged his tongue in circles around the nipple, perking it up as much as he could.  When he felt satisfied, he put her nipple inside of his mouth, gently teasing it with light flicks and warm sucks.  Finally, when he is good and ready, he bites down so hard that she could scream.  However, she muffles her screams by grabbing some of his hair in her mouth and tugging it.  He flinches back a bit and she giggles at his response.  However, he continues on his path.  The next she feels is his teeth back on her hard, erect nipple and feels him pulling.  He pulls so hard that she screams out.  However, it is a good scream and he continues.  She begins grinding against him in his chair.  He proceeds to continue this, moving over to the other nipple, giving her right, bruised nipple a break.  He repeats the same actions on the left side, and she begins to grind harder and harder against him.  She leans down into him and sucks on his collarbone, sending him to Cloud 9.  He releases her nipple as she moves up his neck back towards his ear.  She slowly grazes her tongue along his neck and feels him shiver beneath her.  She knows that she has him now.  She grazes her tongue over and inside his ear.  When she begins to suck on his ear and nibble it, she knows that she has found his erogenous area.  

He leans into her and whispers, “Let’s go back to my place.”

She slowly gets down from his lap, exaggerating every movement of replacing her bra and shirt.  He attempts to wrap his arm around her hips and she moves closer to him, letting him gently rub her ass and bury his head into her chest.  She nibbles his ear and he gently releases her.  She finishes dressing herself and leans into him again.  

She announces loudly, “I’m ready, let’s take this back to somewhere private.”

She follows closely next to him as they go back to his place.  She had travelled two and a half hours and was about to get more out of her visit than she ever expected.  This was her first time with a quadriplegic, and she didn’t know what to expect.  However, she was so far on Cloud 9 at this point that it didn’t even matter.  She had lied to herself her whole life that she didn’t like men in wheelchairs.  She was told that it was wrong, and that she was disgusting for even thinking that way.  But the way that today was going, she could kick herself for not following through on these feelings sooner.  At 24 years old, she was beginning to believe that there was no one out there for her.  She had not had a boyfriend since she was 18, and even that was just high school puppy love.  

It was a short walk back to his apartment.  Because of his level of injury, he had a key attached to his wrist brace that he just swiped instead of having to put it into a hole and physically turn a key.  She watched as he did everything so independently and just kept telling herself how hot it was.  Before she knew it, he was pulling her into his side again, and she climbed back up on his lap.  This time, throwing her clothes off immediately.  As soon as she was settled, he began to devour her.  He began at her lips, kissing and tonguing as hard as he could.  He was biting her lip and tugging so hard that she would have sworn she was bleeding.  But she then knew how this was going to go.  She began reciprocating the same way.  The more she went after him, the more he moaned.  She leaned him forward, removing his shirt as well.  What she saw underneath was more than she could have ever expected.  She ran her hands down his chest, from his shoulders to his nipples.  Just above his nipples, she could feel the line.  The line that separated feeling from complete paralysis.  With light touch, he was extremely ticklish there.  And she used that in her games.  

She teased that line over and over again, gently grazing it with her tongue and fingertips.  He had shivers run through him each and every time.  After the last time, he began to shake everywhere.  However, she knew what these were, and he just grinned from ear-to-ear when she did not flinch away from his spasms.  She rode through each of his spasms, kissing his collarbone and tugging on his nipples with her teeth.  

“Can you feel when I bite and tug on your nipples like that?” She asked him through kisses.  

“I can feel the tugging on the inside, but it is hard to explain.” He explained to her, “However, I can give you more than this.”

She jumped off his lap and he pushed her back onto the counter.  From there, using his teeth, he pulled off her shorts and made his way to her panties.  They were a matching silky black, just like her bra.  He used his teeth to start taking them off as well.  When he got his mouth around them though, he looked up at her with sheer excitement.

“So wet already?” He asked her with undeniable joy on his face.

“Of course I am for you.” She seductively told him.  

Once the panties were off, he tried to move her towards him as much as she could.  When he no longer could, she closed the distance between them.  Before she knew it, she was moaning on his kitchen counter as his tongue grazed her thigh.  His hands, as cool and paralyzed as can be, rubbed her legs from her hips to her knees, over and over again.  She knew that she wasn’t far from hitting orgasm again.  And he knew just what he was doing.  He could see the fire growing brighter in her eyes, and at just the right time, he buried his face between her thighs.  Before she knew it, she could feel his tongue inside of her, thrashing over and over again.  Her body just seizing over and over.  Finally, the point was reached, and both of them took a deep breath of satisfaction.  He looked up at her, with wide eyes of such deep appreciation.  

He helped pull her off the counter and back into his lap.  He playfully nibbled at her ear and she gently kissed his neck.  He pulled her as close to him as he could holding her as tight as he was physically able to.  She sat there, closing the last of the gap between them, so their stomachs were touching.  She sat there in amazement of what she had been missing for so long.  The one thing that everyone told her was wrong was the one thing that brought her the most satisfaction in life.  She wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with this man.  For him to be the one that she awoke to each morning and came home to everyday after work.  Suddenly it was like he could read her mind.  

He asked her suddenly, “Do you want to get into bed?”  

This was an offer she couldn’t refuse.  She slowly climbed down from his lap as he led them into the bedroom.  From the ceiling hung a power Hoyer lift.  It was not the first time that she had seen one, nor the first time that she had used one.  Working with students with severe, multiple disabilities had their advantages.  She got the sling and tucked it behind him.  He directed her on which parts went where, and soon enough he was safely transferred into bed.  She removed the sling, and rolled him back onto his back.  Before she knew it, he was pulling her into his side.  She obliged to the pull, and moved as close as she could.  She traced his side with her finger, running it over each area and scar.  Some of the scars were old from years of baseball and being a little boy.  Others were from 11 years of high level quadriplegia and skin breakdown that is associated with it.  She noted how much softer his skin felt in the areas that were paralyzed compared to the other areas.  It was in this time that he turned his head towards her, staring down at what she was doing.  

He gently kissed the top of her head before asking, “Will you spend the night tonight?”

She slid up the bed towards him.  With a kiss, she replied, “Of course I will.”

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