Writing Challenge EXAMPLE: I am Devotee / Word Count: 1950

She was still in shock at the series of events that led her here, a strange man’s home, his bedroom. He was naked laying on the bed, propped up with pillows. He was nervous too. Neither of them had ever been in this position before, but both had fantasized about it.

There was no grand love affair brewing here, this was about exploration. This was just two people being openly curious about the other and choosing freely to share and experience it together.

He was nice, he was attractive even. She’d felt drawn to him the moment she saw him, when he whizzed past her in the hallway. She thought she’d been careful and cautious about watching her new neighbor. She thought her attempts to speak to him and interact with him would all be seen as just well, neighborly. He saw right through her. After he called her out and after her initial shock wore off he confessed, he was just as curious about her as she was about him. They set out discussing and putting in place everything that brought them right here to this moment.

He’d given her a key to his place, told her what time to come, told her he’d be ready, he’d be alone. He’d told her she could have her way.

His only request was that she wear red lace underwear and bra, and have a pedicure with toes painted to match her panties… It was too easy to fulfill.

She stood beside the bed taking it in. She felt paralyzed with fear or excitement, she couldn’t tell which at first. Then she realized it was both. His body was paralyzed too, not with any silly emotion but by circumstance.

For the first time her eyes could look and stare at everything they wanted. She could drink in the unique shape, planes and angles of his body. It was different from any male body she’d ever seen and it was a frenzy inside her. She tried to breathe deeply, so full of anticipation and nerves. He’d assured her he was open, he wasn’t afraid of anything she might do or say. He wasn’t afraid of any mistakes she might make and she wouldn’t hurt him.

There were mirrors in strategic places around the room, so he could see everything from every angle. She could see everything from every angle too… her body… his body… every action she was about to perform could be watched, and enjoyed by them both. Looking him over, taking him in, every curve, every angle, every part of his body there for her eyes to drink in. She sucked in a breath, so overwhelmed by the onslaught of triggers that flooded her senses.

He was just as eager for her to enjoy, explore, and use his body as she was to do so. He wanted to know what being with a woman like her could be like. He wanted to make his body a playground for her to use. She tried to explain he didn’t need to go to any special trouble with medications and such. She was grateful just for the opportunity. It would be fulfillment enough. He wanted more. She was glad eventually, she truly didn’t know how she would behave when given free reign to enjoy and fulfill her fantasies where his body was concerned.

She hardly knew where to start. He was beautiful to look at, fascinating and complex. The bed cradled his body perfectly. He almost looked like he was melting into it. She could see his erection, what a contrast it was to the rest of his body. The thick hard rod of his cock straining upwards against the soft bulge of his stomach just beside the suprapubic catheter he’d explained he used. She knew he’d be hard, they had agreed that he would medicate for that. Her mouth watered as she imagined swirling her tongue over the silken tip of him and feeling his squishy delicious foreskin in her mouth. She needed to taste all of him, to feel his cock slide down her throat. She licked her lips, imagining how they’d feel wrapped around him sucking. She wanted to, She needed to taste him. Sucking cock had always made her wet, she wondered if it would be different with him. If his lack of sensation and response to it would dull her enjoyment. She was eager to find out.

She also needed to ride him, to feel him buried deep inside her and to grind her hips deep into his pelvis. She was eager to feel how her own body’s movement influenced his. She’d ride him until her body was spent, until it had climbed every mountain and crashed into the valley again and again, but not yet… there were so many other delicious thrills to find first. She knew she’d finish there and collapse on top of him to catch her breath and come back to earth.

She was trying to ease herself in to all the possibilities laid out before her. She climbed onto the bed to kneel beside him. She moaned softly,  watching his body shift in bed from the weight of her beside him. She couldn’t stop biting her bottom lip as she looked him over. His body had been changed, and molded over time by the injury that made him so desirable to her. His only movement was the rise and fall of his chest. He laid there, his breathing shallow and even, occasionally ragged leaving his body. It told her he was just as eager, anticipating what was to come.

The hunger was building inside her, ready to let loose, but she couldn’t decide where to start. All of her ached to touch him, to kiss him, to feel drunk and intoxicated on this opportunity. She wanted to dive in and explore the depths of her attraction. She’d struggled through the haze of arousal pulsing in her veins to choose a path. Her fingers flexed and tensed as they itched to touch and rub over him.

She tenderly traced her fingers up his leg. She knew he couldn’t feel it, she just wanted to touch. It felt like any other leg, soft skin and tickly hair.  Grazing her fingernails gently up his thigh marveling that he didn’t shudder or respond in anyway until his leg came to life, rippling with a spasm. It took all the air out of her lungs and transformed it into a hard knot of ache in her pussy.

His legs were obviously atrophied by time and lack of use. They laid on the bed, knees slightly bent, shifted to one side in an awkward unnatural kind of position. Looking at them made her belly clench and her panties grow damp. She swept long slow gazes over him, taking in every inch from his twisted feet and buckling ankles to his knobby knees. Thigh gap, she noted, obviously. She looked forward to kissing over the tops of his thighs and feeling them press into her cheeks. She couldn’t wait to rub and massage his feet and kiss and suck each little toe. She wondered how they’d feel pressed into her breasts.She knew she would make her way up his body exploring with her eyes, her mouth, and her fingers along the way. She wondered if that bony knee of his would be a good stop to relieve some of the ache in her body with a quick little cum.

There was something so fascinating about his hips and stomach. She bit her lip and moaned, eager to trail her mouth over every inch kissing and tasting. She couldn’t wait to nuzzle that soft belly with her nose, and watch him, watching her in the mirrors.

Her eyes continued their journey over him. She was planning, calculating, not wanting to miss a single thing, or waste a single idea she’d ever had about what to do with a body like his.

Pierced nipples, she observed, just drinking him in with her eyes. Mmm, there was something so sexy about pierced nipples. Dare she ask…

“Pierced nipples?” she inquired, her voice was husky and betrayed her arousal.

“After… I was desperate to feel something,” he responded, shrugging his shoulders into the pillow.

“Did it work?” she asked, already planning to get her mouth on them, to flick them with her tongue and tug them gently with her teeth. She would regardless of his response if for no other reason than to satisfy her curiosity about them.

“Only if you catch em just right, “ he responded, releasing a shuddering breath.

“Is it good?” she probed more.

“You can find out,” he challenged. “Please find out…. Are you ever going to start,” his question betrayed his own want and urgency.

She could see the need in his body somehow, as motionless as it was. It was more than his erection, it was fire and ache, written and held in the stillness of his body. She hoped she could help satiate that need for him a bit. She hoped that in her own enjoyment and pleasure, he would find some of his own.

“In due time,” she assured him, breathing deeply, trying to tamp down her burning fire for just another few minutes.

Her eyes wandered over his shoulders and down his arms. She’d kiss and taste here too. She giggled a little, wondering how he’d explain the little love bites she’d no doubt leave all over his upper body to his aides.  Then again… someone had left him naked in bed and set up all these mirrors… They probably wouldn’t be surprised by anything they might find.

She wanted to give as well, to somehow thank him for this opportunity. She hoped to make him moan and enjoy too. She had a good idea running her fingers thru his hair, kissing and sucking his shoulders and neck might be just the ticket. He had nice ears too those might be worth a nibble. He’d enjoy it all so much more too if she did it while he watched her ride him hard into the mattress.  

His hands just rested so still on the bed. He’d told her he could kind of feel them, sometimes, some things. She’d enjoy them for herself and hopefully for him. She’d drag them over her body and graze his knuckles over her nipples.  She’d cup them over her breasts while she rode him, she wanted  him to feel the fullness of them bouncing against his hands. She was quite looking forward to seeing his crippled hand and soft limp fingers wrapped around the base of his cock while she rode him. She was hopeful she could grind her pussy on his knuckles just right to catch her clit and send her into orbit. She hoped feeling her pussy flood and gush with wetness would give him some thrill. Then she could kiss over his fingers and suck the juices from her pussy off them. She’d dip them in her soaking slit and let him suck them too.

By the end of the night, she hoped all of her curiosities would be satisfied…she’d know and have fully enjoyed the difference between this man and the other men she’d been with, all of whom were missing this special something… She knew it wouldn’t squelch her desire, it would only feed it… a sumptuous feast of all the needs her brain and body had craved for so long. She had to start, she needed to act and not just look. She could have everything, touch anywhere, and taste everything.  She could dive into the depths of herself. She could finally be a devotee.

9 thoughts on “I AM DEVOTEE by DJ Elden

  1. OHMYGAWSH DJ. I am SO copying and pasting this gem into my favourites. High-quads aren’t my usual shtick, but HOT DANG, that was amazing. I have a feeling this will be reread, and reread, and reread, and reread… Well, you get the gist. But seriously. Please post a sequel to this, because I cannot imagine that you would be so cruel as to tease us with this little diamond, and stop there. Loving your contributions!

    1. hahaha ya know i’m not sure i could write a sequel to this Nessa. I’m so glad you enjoyed it but i had a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what i wanted this to be and i’m very pleased with it just as it is. There’s some poetic irony about it. That being said all the other directions it could’ve gone are still simmering in my brain, you never know what i might come up with. 🙂

  2. such a hot story. Your words are steaming up the pages as you continue to read through all the excitement and the heart pounding situations. I would love to be caught up in this type of situation and imagine how it feels. I enjoy reading your stories you have great writing skills. Keep up the good work and keep the presses always hot

    1. i couldn’t have done this one without you Mr. Anonymous! 🙂 Your feedback was very helpful. Thank you so very much and i’m so pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. Wow!!! So hot!!! I loved this little story! I had to read it twice. 😛 I love how it ends right where it ends, but at the same time I hate that very same thing, haha! I had to share this with my boyfriend (C4 quad, so probably the same as the guy in the story, right?) as it reminded me of us and even he as a non-dev guy also thought it was hot. 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome work!!! Love it, really!

    1. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I’d hoped to make it accurate-ish and authentic but also a story those sexy higher quads could see themselves in and relate to. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. The feedback is so appreciated. 🙂

      I may or may not be toying with the idea of a sequel… the sequel might be a little darker and kinkier… BUT i didn’t want to do that in this because i wanted to represent Devs well… 🙂

  4. My God, that was soooo awsome and hot. Such amazing detail. Might have to read it a few times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Haha, you never know. Loved it.

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