Writing challenge & QoH epilogue release date

Hi everyone!

Sooo, we’re gonna have some fun and invite you wicked awesome readers to write with us! Some of y’all have probably noticed the writing contest on the home page, but just in case you always bypass it or something naughty like that, here are the details for…

☛ Writing challenge: I AM DEVOTEE ☚

The winning entry will be featured as the front page of Devotion House – totally an honour for me to do! – and the winner shall receive an advanced copy of Hart of His (the QoH epilogue novella) two weeks before the official release date.

The other thing is that I’ve also pushed the release date of Hart of His back a month, to August 31st. Now, before you kill me, just hear me out. LOL. I promise that it makes perfect sense. Okay, so I originally scheduled the contest deadline and the epilogue release for the exact same date. And thank goodness Braced was like, “Um. Ann. How the heck will we have time to pick a winner then?” Duh!! So yeah…

Contest deadline: July 31st, 2016

Winner announced: August 31st, 2016

Official release date of Hart of His: September 30th, 2016

We really hope that everyone will join in and participate. The more the merrier and all that good jazz, eh? Plus, we are super duper excited to read all of your entries! Please feel free to email me directly if with any questions at all!!

Faithfully yours,