Let’s Play a Game (and some other stuff): How did you get up there?


Monday means I come bearing gifts for you wickedly awesome possums. Yes, that’s gifts. As in plural. And wow. I was absolutely blown away with the prompts last week. It was ridiculously hard to choose only one. Please, please, please keep on making suggestions!

An extra special thank you to DJ Elden, Lovis, Laura, and M for helping out. And of course, a ginormous TY to Miss EJ for…

  1. This week’s prompt: She grinned. “How’d you get up there?”
  2. I recently did a blog interview about Hart Broken and writing disabled heroes ☛ HERE ☚ Hope I did y’all proud!
  3. Only 2 weeks left to submit your I am Devotee entry. I have luuuurved them so far!!
  4. I appreciate you guys so darn much.
  5. That is all.

Faithfully yours,