Hello Wednesday, Hello Wednesday Shorts!

Hello All!

So here we are, it is Wednesday! Today, I have continued Benchy Island, Broken Things, but I decided to go visit Tulip’s point of view before continuing the next part of the story. That is where my brain went, that is where I followed it, hopefully, it turns out to be an entertaining place for y’all.

Now, for a little extra filler to avoid the dreaded am-spay box…

Let’s see, how about teacher quotes from my two-year-old classroom? I’m sure there are some life lessons there.

  • Do not lick the sticks!
  • We don’t eat butter noodles off the floor!
  • You are not a Roomba, stop eating stuff people dropped on the floor, please!

That’s about it, for now, I’m sure I may have a few more quotables for next week. Until then enjoy the story and don’t lick the floor y’all!

— LesleyLu5

OOPS! Almost forgot the link to the latest part of the story!! Benchy Island and Broken Things (2)