Episode 1 of the Podcast

Happy Monday, everyone!


Both the HW site and the GATB podcast have officially been merged into Devotion House. Streamlining brings great joy to my life!

The podcast has been creatively renamed Devotion House Discussions, because I’m just that original, eh? 😛 Plus, I’m gonna transition it into more of a reader-focused show, discussing dev fiction and having PWD guests for the benefit of authors as well. Please let me know your thoughts on that.

Anyhoo, if you’d like to listen to my fun-filled chat with Brian from the YouTube channel, Paralyzed Living, just click on the link below to download the little bugger (this refers to the chat and NOT Brian LOL).

Oh! And the next chapter of QoH is coming along nicely. I promise. The really serious, cross my heart and hope to die kind of promise…



☛ Episode 1 ☚