Chapter Nine of ATSK is HERE!

I hope you all were desperately and eagerly awaiting Ben and Sherry’s return! You’ve been rewarded by a longer chapter. I decided to play around with a new format a bit, I hope you’ll find it enjoyable. Grammar Nazis, I must apologize… it’s text no one is perfect in text. Me especially! The refined grammar you see in most chapters is only because of Hartmann’s whip. Bless her!

I had to make up for taking 8 chapters to write a weekend, a week in one chapter seemed like a good start. Thank you for sticking with me through the ups and down my crazy real life throws my way! Summer vacation, broken laptops and all! I would love your feedback, I’d love your suggestions. I appreciate you readers so much, you truly are my motivation to write some days! I know I always want more time with My Ben so I’m eager to give you more time with the literary Ben.

Love and of course, kisses


☛ Chapter Nine ☚