Chapter Five of ASTK

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Hope y’all have some fun-filled plans for the weekend. As promised, Miss DJ is back with more ATSK and a message for you lovely peeps…

Ben and Sherry Fans thank you for tolerating my two-week hiatus, I hope Ben and Sherry’s first kiss was worth the wait. I was able to get a lot of good planning done. I was able to make a clearer path towards the heart of the story. I also got to binge watch Grace and Frankie season 2 on Netflix. I have had some issues come up in my personal life that have prevented me from writing as much as I would like. I do hope to keep giving you weekly updates but beg your understanding when I cannot.. I hope this chapter and future ones will continue to please and satisfy you, in devvy ways and sappy romantic ones.

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☛ Chapter Five ☚