Chapter Eight of ATSK

Hi everyone,

You have survived over 1/2 the week. Woohoo. Annnnd here’s a message from Miss DJ…

I love breakfast! I had to share and explore that little tidbit with Ben and Sherry! I hope you enjoyed the end of their whirlwind magical weekend. I’m hoping the pace will pick up a bit moving forward and hope none of their magic will be lost. I’m trying to learn and grow and stretch my skills, I hope in doing so it still keeps you my fabulous readers and fans engaged! I hope you enjoy the tease of Sherry’s dream and I hope you’ll be understanding of a 2 week hiatus. Ch 9 is going to be a different format than what you’ve read so far and I want to do it well… Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’m so grateful for your continued support! 🙂 


Chapter Eight ☚