Aurora: There was nothing left

“Oh, God,” he groaned.

Leaning back on my heels, I looked at him innocently. “What?” I asked.

“You know what,” he growled, reaching for me. “Come back here.”

“Nope,” I giggled, and backed off the bed. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

With a petulant frown, he pouted at me, but I just laughed harder and backed towards the doorway. Mumbling under his breath, he shoved his legs off the bed and pushed himself into a standing position, swaying unsteadily as he stood, completely naked, without his cane and braces. “Zee,” he whined. “I’m gonna fall; I need some support.” Sure enough, his legs looked like they would fold any second, his shoulders and back tense as he tried to stay upright.

Wordlessly, I stalked up to him, and poked my finger into his toned chest. He fell back onto the bed with a grunt, and I leapt onto the sheets lightly, straddling his hips. Leaning forward, I lifted his arms above his head and pinned them there, capturing his lips with mine in a fierce kiss. Peppering kisses and nips along his collarbone and neck, I smiled as his breathing got heavier.

Letting go of his arms, I latched onto his nipple, sucking it gently, then flicking it with my tongue. He jumped, and I swirled my tongue lightly before grazing my teeth against the sensitive skin. “Jesus!”

Releasing his nipple, I chuckled, and he shivered as the spurt of air cooled his wet skin. “Zee; not Jesus,” I quipped, as I watched his pupils dilate. “And I’m not done with you yet.”

Carefully, I rose up, positioning myself over his impossibly erect member. “Good grief, Eli,” I smirked. “Someone’s happy to see me, hey?” He grinned, opening his mouth to reply, but I relaxed my thigh muscles, impaling myself on him.

“Oh my God!” He howled, hands clenching painfully on my hips.

“I think you meant ‘Oh my Zee’,” I rolled my eyes, and moved slightly. His grip intensified, and a string of obscenities came out of his mouth.

I stilled, but he glared at me. “Don’t stop,” he breathed raggedly, his pupils blown to high hell. “Don’t you darestop.”

I lifted myself up slightly, his strong arms helping to lift me up, and came down hard again, his hips lifting up weakly to meet mine. “Jesus Christ, oh my lord, motherf-“

Covering his lips with my hand, I scowled at him. “You better not be saying any more names other than mine, or I’m gonna leave you and finish up in the shower,” I growled.

“Hell no, baby,” he snapped. “I’m sorry, I’m just- you feel so flippin’ amazing,” he groaned, as I shifted my position.

Not stopping my thrusting, I leaned down, my hair tickling his chest, as I sucked and licked his nipples, face, and ears. Vaguely, I registered his legs going wild behind me, as he yelled hoarsely, “Oh my- Zee, I’m gonna-“ I bit down on his nipple, and his back arched into me, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as we both crashed headfirst into oblivion.

I tried to lift my head, but his arms were wrapped around me, one around my waist and the other around my neck. “Don’t move,” he slurred, muscles limp and spasm-less, as my eyes closed obligingly.

There was nothing left.

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  1. Holy awesome sauce, Batman!

    I am loving your punchy style of writing, Miss Aurora! Right up my alley!! Wooooweeee!

    Big hugs,

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