Aurora: “Please,” she begged.


“But why not?” He protested, fighting back a grin.

“Because I said no,” she pouted, plopping down on his lap, draping her long, tanned legs over his armrest.

“But-“ She silenced him with a nibble of his lip.

“Please,” she murmured. Peppering kisses along his jawline; that fine, strong, razor-sharp jaw that had landed her in this mess in the first place.

“Please,” she whispered. Delicately tracing the outer rim of his ear with the tip of her tongue, eliciting an involuntary shudder from him.

“Please,” she breathed. A fraction of an inch away from his ear, then, like a flash of lightning, darting her tongue in and out of his earhole.

“Please,” she begged. As he jerked his head away and stared at her in shock, heavy pants punctuating the silence in the room, she begged blatantly.

Shaking his head, he chuckled. “You’ll do anything to get out of this, won’t you?” he teased, pressing a kiss to her temple.

Sheepishly, she shrugged, peering up at him through her impossibly dense lashes. “Just name your price.”

“Mm, tempting.” He skimmed a limp hand down her face to cup her cheek, calloused knuckles lightly resting against her porcelain skin. “I could fantasize all day about the possibilities of such a promise, but…”


“…I’m introducing you to my parents tonight, no matter what.”

3 thoughts on “Aurora: “Please,” she begged.

  1. Miss Aurora!!

    Man, oh, man, I can’t believe this is your first piece! I am a huge fan of quick, punchy flash fic! HUGE fan!! I look forward to many, many, maaany more from you!!!

    Big hugs,

  2. Welcome, Welcome!
    *sprinkles skittles as confetti*
    Glad to have you join us! I quite enjoyed this little short! It seems that our gentleman here cannot be swayed by the delights that his girlfriend is promising, lol! Great job! I look forward to reading more from ya!

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