AnRo: “Ugh,” She Groaned.

“Ugh,” she groaned.

Fully smacking myself with the palm of my hand as I realized how busted I am.  He saw me. More than saw me, to be honest.  He waved at me. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought as I went through all the shades of crimson, knowing full well he was still watching me. I could feel his eyes on me across the lawn, boring into my soul.  I was usually way more stealthy than this, maybe it was the two drinks I’d downed when I first realized.  Or maybe I didn’t want to be stealthy, I thought, nah, it’s definitely the alcohol.

“Lizzie…” I heard from behind me.

How did he get to me so quickly?  “Adam.”

“I didn’t think you were still in town,” he says trailing a finger down my forearm.

“I was gone… and then I came back,” I answer bluntly, definitely the alcohol.

“Well, I’m glad you’re back, I’ve missed you,” he nearly growls.

Pulling my arm away this time, I don’t want him to know just how much I’ve missed him too.

“Yeah…” I say, taking a step back.

“C’mon Lizzie, I know you missed me,” he says with a chuckle.

He’s always been able to read me, I could never hide anything from him, even before.  Before he became everything I’d always wanted, dreamed about, before even I knew he was exactly what I needed. It was a rough year, and then it wasn’t. When he tried to push me away I told him it didn’t matter, because really it didn’t. Not to me, it made him even more appealing.  He didn’t know why, but I did.

Through that year I was at war with myself, how could I find him even more attractive than before. I did, though. I couldn’t get enough of him. I’d loved him before, but after it was amplified by infinity.  Everyone, EVERYONE, thought he was gorgeous, tan skin, dark hair, and those crystal blue eyes. I’d practically had to beat girls off of him with a stick back then. Built like a brick shit house and not from lifting or anything like that, he is just naturally a God, even after. Even after all that has changed.  He was mine then, and he could still be mine now if I’d just let myself have him.  He knows it too.

7 thoughts on “AnRo: “Ugh,” She Groaned.

  1. Thank you! A sweet one and leaving space for a reader’s imagination! I would have been ready to read it on and on… 🙂

    1. You never know!!! I’ve got a few different things in the world for all you lovely readers after I’m done with Taylor and Elliot!

  2. Oooh, interesting! I think it definitely leaves lots of room to imagine what happens next, and I’d be curious to find out more about these two!

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