AnRo: Stop That!

Rough hands slide down my body as I writhe with excitement. Little nips, tempting, pulling, gnawing at my resolve. His was the kind of passion I’d only imagined.  The kind of passion to match my own. The fine but longer than normal hairs covering the plane of his jaw nearly drive me insane and I scream out. Hot breath caresses my chest as he’s moved north in a flash. Again I’m unable to keep my excitement at bay. Finally he traps my hands, pins me to the soft mattress, and takes me.  

Little grunts, the way his eyes roll back when he reaches the brink shortly after I’ve already crossed it. Collapsing on top of me before rolling to the side I’m still out of breath, matching my intake of air to his we are in sync.Whether it was because our love was so intense, or because he was just that damn good, I’ll never know.

Hours or days have gone by and we are at it again, soft pink light filtering in through the half-drawn shades paint shadows on his face this time and as I begin to scream he stills. Coming to a stop, his darkened face grows darker and he lets my hands go to free his own.

With a quick few gestures, he commands me “Stop that!”

Immediately I still, holding my breath at the scold and turn away. He taps me, gently at first and then with more force, his hands begin to move wildly when I finally give in, almost so fast that I can’t understand him.

“I just wish I could hear you when you come for me…” he gestures.


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