And another author emerges from the shadows…

Hello awesome possums,

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, I’ve turned the reins over to regular DH authors, who are now posting their own chapters/stories. *group hug* Love you ladies a buncharoos!

That means I haven’t gotten to post much *sobs* but today, I have a real treat for y’all. Sooo, I opened up my email on Sunday and what did I see? An email titled: Story about a quad. Eeek! I love my “job”!!

I am super stoked to share this story with you guys…

Swimming Gear

This is Laura’s first time sharing dev fiction with anyone at all. Well, except me. I got a sneak preview. Did I mention how much I love doing this? *smirks* Seriously, though, please take a moment to let her know your thoughts. And happy reading!!!

Faithfully yours,