A brand new story from AnRo

Happy Sunday y’all,

Okay… *looks around suspiciously* …what the heck is in our the tap water these days? Or perhaps it’s all the GH in our deliciously adorable cattle (my apologies to any vegans out there haha)? But seriously, there are some fantastic writers coming out of the woodwork. Like shut-the-front-door fantastic.

So, one week ago, I got this email. The subject read: Possible story?!?! Long story short (no pun intended *smirks*) I stayed up until 2am reading the first 10,000 words or so. Yeah. New author, who is a total sweetheart, btw. And new story with a para who could easily go have a beer with Cale any night of the week. Those two boys would get along. Seriously. You’ll see what I mean a few chapters in.

But without further ado, here’s…

☛ Chapter One ☚

As always, your comments are very much appreciated! Please let Miss AnRo know your thoughts on this first little taste of her story. Feedback is what keeps us writers going strong. Feedback and coffee. Yep.

Faithfully yours,


P.S. – A title is still in the brainstorming phase and shall be accompanying Chapter Two. Next Sunday. You heard me right. 7 days. End transmission.